Monday, May 21, 2007

«O Brilho das Imagens», no MNAA (Lisboa)

«O Brilho das Imagens», no MNAA (Lisboa)
Originally uploaded by Yvonne (bijoux & crafts).

O MNAA continua a brilhar!

Exposição «O Brilho das Imagens»:
Pintura e Escultura Medieval do Museu Nacional de Varsóvia (séculos XII-XVI)

datas: 1 de Março a 17 de Junho de 2007
local: Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (Lisboa)

Para mais informações, visitem o site oficial do MNAA:

p.s.: sei que o mês de Maio já vai a mais de meio, mas só hoje é que reparei neste evento! quem me dera a mim poder lá ir *suspiro*... por isso, quem gostar de arte, não perca!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Crafting for a Cause Community at LiveJournal

Coming soon!!

Help craft 3.000 handmade items to donate to charity

Paper Crafts & Jewellry: FrucciDesign

I've never seen such a perfect and original combination of paper crafts with jewellery! Frucci uses some kind of mysterious (for me it's a mystery!) technique for folding the paper, and making unique beads to work with.
She also does a lot of recycling through her works, because she uses paper from magazines, catalogues, coupons, shopping bags, etc to make her pieces.

crafter name/nick: FrucciDesign (Francesca Vitali)
location: United States of America
etsy shop:

Images Copyright © FrucciDesign
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Embroidery & Quilting: Redwork in Germany

Let's start with the first links in here, randomly chosen... Actually, it's someone whose Flickr gallery I've been browsing tonight, and also has a blog here.
Her type of work is mostly embroidery and quilting, and she has quite a big amount of works displayed on her flickr galleries, along with some inspiring images & scans of vintage crafts magazines.

crafter name/nick: Redwork in Germany
location: Germany

Images Copyright © Redwork in Germany
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Portuguese Handmade Crafts links and more...

I've started a list of Portuguese crafters on Blogger, on my other Handmade Crafts blog (, written in portuguese), you can see the links here.
It's all written in Portuguese, sorry... But I'm sure anyone can appreciate the photos posted on those blogs, since beauty and creativity need no words ;-)

On the Flickr community, you can see my favorite works from other crafters on my favorites pages. And you can check my contacts list and/or the groups I'm in, for some really good handmade crafts from Portugal and other countries too!

"Arts and Crafts movement" on Wikipedia

(William Morris wallpaper)

Whenever I think about "arts and crafts", there's another thing that comes to my mind, and probably this happens to others too: the 19th century Arts and Crafts movement.

There's another good article about this on Wikipedia »»

There's is a lot more to be said about it, I'm sure you can find other good websites and some books about the Arts and Crafts movement...
I'm no expert on this subject, to be honest, but I like art history very much, and I think it's always good to learn new things!

"Arts and crafts" on Wikipedia

There's an extensive and interesting article about Arts and crafts on Wikipedia, be sure to take a look at it »»

I'd like to post here a list from that article, which I find quite interesting, as it sums up a bit the themes/links I want to post about on this blog. The following text is taken from the above link:

Types of arts/crafts

There are almost as many variations on the theme of "arts and crafts" as there are crafters with time on their hands, but they can be broken down into a number of categories:

Crafts involving textiles
* Banner-making
* Canvas work
* Cross-stitch
* Crocheting
* Curve stitching
* Embroidery
* Knitting
* Lace-making
* Lucet
* Macrame
* Millinery
* Needlepoint
* Patchwork
* Quilting
* Ribbon embroidery
* Rug making
* Sewing
* Shoemaking
* Spinning (textiles)
* Spirelli (also see Scrapbooking)
* String art
* Tapestry
* Tatting
* Weaving
* T-shirt art

Crafts involving wood, metal or clay
* Metalworking
* Jewelry
* Pottery
* Sculpture
* Woodworking
* Cabinet making
* Chip carving
* Marquetry
* Wood burning
* Wood turning

Crafts involving paper or canvas
* Bookbinding
* Calligraphy
* Cardmaking
* Card Modelling
* Collage
* Decoupage
* Iris Folding
* Marbling
* Origami
* Papercraft
* Papier-mâché
* Pergamano - parchment craft
* Quilling or Paper Filigree
* Scrapbooking
* Stamping

Crafts involving plants
* Basket weaving
* Corn dolly making
* Pressed flower craft
* Straw Marquetry

Other crafts
* Balloon animal
* Beadwork
* Doll making
* Dollhouse construction and furnishing
* Egg decorating
* Etching
* Glassblowing
* Lapidary
* Mosaics
* Pioneering
* Stained glass
* Toy making


Almost everyday I find some new crafters around the web. There are so many people with lots of creativity and original ideas that sometimes it gets hard to keep up with all the nicknames and urls, so I decided to start "collecting" these links in one place, and created this blog.

In this blog I'll be posting links for various blogs/flickr/websites/etc about handmade crafts, from talented people all over the world!
Leave a comment if you would like to see your link here. I'll visit your website and then I'll add your link here. We might even exchange links, why not ;-)